Here Comes the Newbie Blogger

I’ve thought about starting a blog for years.

It has always seemed like a daunting task just to figure out how to set one up and get things going. And then the threat of writer’s block. What if I can’t get the whirling ideas in my head to get in line long enough for me to express them through writing It’s amazing how many ideas and thoughts I have throughout the day that I feel would make great topics and yet, when I humor the possibility of actually writing them, POOF, my mind becomes a vacant tomb.

My husband, Tom, has really been encouraging me over the last year to do this. He thinks I’m a good writer. I do like to write but compared to what is already floating around the interwebs these days, it’s hard to say if I compare without having actually done it and gotten some feedback.

So here we go, I am finally doing this.

I imagine my style of blogging will come along once I have actually started the thing. There’s a book titled “The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson where he references a lot of famous success quotes and one of them is “do the thing and you shall have the power”. “Power” in this case being the internal willpower to turn something I enjoy into something that can provide for my family.   

Well here I am, doing the thing, trusting that the power will come…

I am currently 40 weeks pregnant and it is so exciting for my husband and me, but especially him since this is his first. My oldest is almost 10 and I had him when I was in high school. I was a single mom for a long time, on and off dating a guy after splitting up with my sons dad. When all of that finally ended, I met Tom. We’ve been together for 4 years and married for 2. He has been an incredible role model for my son and a great husband through all the ups and downs and is still ready for the ones that have yet to come.

I think it’s safe to say that most people who take on a new endeavor do so for a reason. For me, being 9 months pregnant with my 2nd child is probably my biggest reason. It has inspired, motivated, and scared me into taking our future and our lives in general more seriously. The only way we are going to have the kind of life we want for ourselves is to start doing stuff that moves us in the right direction. Now I have no way of knowing if blogging will be that avenue but it has been nagging at me for years so I might as well give it a shot. 

I’m looking forward to joining the blogging world. I feel like I have some valuable experiences that I can share with other moms, especially young mothers who have been or are currently in similar situations. I’m only 26 but my life has been a crash course of experiences and rapid maturation. I would love to help people, even if it is just by writing out my experiences, at the very least, to comfort someone who feels alone in life. I discovered over the last couple of years that there are very few situations that someone else has not already endured so as alone as we may feel at times, chances are, we are not alone in that situation. Lucky for us we have the internet now, where we can share experiences and learn from each other.

I am excited about this new endeavor and the possibilities that may come along with it. Now that I have gotten through an introduction I feel this vacant tomb of thoughts beginning to fill up. It’s kind of hard to bring this post to a close just as the floodgates of thought have been opened but if I don’t stop now it could easily become a book! I look forward to bringing to fruition the many whirling topics my mind is cooking up 🙂

Stay tuned and thanks in advance to any followers!!